Live life courageously

in a foreign city.

Keep Connected.


Finding the right

fit for you.

You’ve found your feet in your new city, now lets get some shoes that are the perfect fit for your new place.

Change is constant in our lives, shoes that once fit perfectly may no longer be right for this new place. Don’t be afraid to change, go out discover, and try out some new shoes. Until you find something that helps you fit into your new city

Find your Fit

Build your business abroad

Being a successful founder abroad doesn’t have to be lonely, let’s take the journey together.

From ideas to reality, sustainability to growth it takes time, energy and teamwork. Yes even founders need a team! check out what’s here to build your business abroad and get connected with some team players!


Get the tools

Women of Awesome

Connecting Women to Women

It make take a village to raise a child, although that child becomes a woman and is still looking to her ‘village’ for guidance.

As expats our life and relationships can become quite fragmented. Through WoA we can connect with women, empowering and encouraging us to grow as women in the often hostile environment of expat life.

Get connected

Be open to what comes next.

Make the BEST choices for your business

As a soloprenur, and as an expat entrepreneur I have OFTEN asked myself. “Am I making the right decision?” There are SO many choices and options out there that the amount of choice can be paralysing! As a new business owner, you can be asking which is the...

When logic can’t help you move forward

Sometimes what we can’t put it on paper, and a decision making evaluator doesn’t quite cut the mustard. Perhaps we’ve done that and we’re still not settled with the an answer. This is where being clear on your Values, Mission and Vision, (VMV)...

Active Ingredient – Purpose

On a recent trip to Beijing, I was surprised to find a message on my toothpaste. “Active Ingredient – Purpose”. What the heck has Colgate shoved into this little tube and how is the active ingredient “purpose” going to help me prevent...

5 Steps to finding your best friend

Many best friends are friends for life, although having someone physically in your city who you can share an actual glass of wine with is pretty important. When you move to a new city you’ve got to find that person all over again! how do you do that? here are...

You can live abroad and run an amazing business that you’re passionate about too!

It’s been done before and the future is waiting for you.

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